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Tortured for his Faith (Audiobook) (engelstalig)

€ 25,00

Haralan Popov

1.5 million copies published in over 25 languages and 91% rate the book 5 stars 

Today the name Haralan Popov is deeply reverd around the world. He has become a symbol of Christian courage to millions whose faith continues to be under attack by oppressive gevernments and religious extremists. As a pastor in Bulgaria during the communist occupation, his very prominence as a devoted Christian leader brought him severe physical and spiritual torture at the hands of the Sovjet KGB and their Bulgarian quislings. 

Aftre miraculously surviving more than 13 years of confinement and torture, he was finally released. Despite threats of rearrest, he continued organizing secret chruch services and Bible teachings because the official church had been infiltrated and fallen under total communist control.

Later, at the urging of his family living in Sweden and because of answered prayers, he made his way to the Free World. From there he focused all his energy to awaken society to the plight of persecuted Christians around the world. 

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