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Christianity For Skeptics (engelstalig)

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People today are desperately searching for something, or someone, to believe in, and day by day its gets harder. The secularist says that even if there is a God, he is unimportant in relation to everyday life. The atheist and humanist says there is no God and never was-humanity is simply the accidental product of millions of years of evolution. There is no ultimate purpose to life, apart from self-attainment and happiness; so get as much out of this life you can, for that's all there is. The 'religious' mind says that there might be many, many gods and they all eventually lead to one God. 

So when a Christian speaks out about an 'all-powerful' God being involved in his of her life, most people are skeptical. Current world views have led them to be skeptical not only about the existence of God, but also about any ideas that point to a supreme Being or an ethical system that believes in 'absolute' right and wrong.

This expanded and updated edition of Dr. Kumar's original bestselling classic Christianity enlists scholars-both believers and unbelievers- who have come to the conclusion that there is a strong, analytical answers to the questions often asked by skeptics:

-Does God exist?

-If there is a God, why is there evil and suffering?

-Is atheism rational?

-The case for the deity of Christ

-Is the Bible the Word of God?

-Christianity and comperative religion

-Answering the Eastern mind

-Answering the challenge of Islam