Christ Above All (engelstalig)

€ 20,00

Dr Daniel Shayesteh

People can feel confused and bewildered when trying to make sense of all the different religions and philosophies in the world. Many choose the easy option of simply believing that religions are all the same. 'Christ above all' helps the reader to understand the foundational beliefs of the world's major religions and philosophies, and the nature of their 'gods' and founders. It's purpose is to challenge the hearts, minds and consciences of all who read it, that they might discover and experience the only true and Holy One, who is the source of light, purity and unity.

'Christ above all' helps christians talk to their friends by showing:


-The different reasons why people believe what they believe.

-The key features of the world's major religions and philosophies.

-How these religions and philosophies differ from Christianity.

-The various theories of sin and human destiny in other faiths.

-The big picture of God's justice & salvation.

-Examples of dialogue with people from different faiths.