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Evolution's Achilles Heels (DVD)

€ 35,00

Engelstalig met 16 verschillende talen in de ondertiteling

English, Afrikaans, Chinees, Chinees (traditional), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese, Russian and Spanisch

This 96-minute documentary interviews 15 Ph.D. scientists about the greatest weaknesses of modern evolutionary theory. The public generally only hears ons side of the origins debate, but with stunning animations and dramatic footage, Evolution's Achilles Heels present a powerful 'warts and all' critique of textbook evolutionary orthodoxy. You'll also discover just how much this debate impacts your view of yourself and the world around you.

-Natural Selection


-The origin of life

-The Fossil Record

-Radiometric Dating

-The Geologic Colomn


-Ethical implications

-Plus Bonus Footage!