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Food Fix (engelstalig)

€ 18,00

Dr Mark Hyman


Our most powerful tool to reverse the global epidemic of chronic disease, heal the environment, reform politics and revive economies is food. What we eat has tremendous implications not just for our waistlines, but also for the planet, society and the global economy.

In Food Fix, Mark Hyman explains how our food and agriculture policies are corrupted by money and lobbies that drive our biggest global crises: the spred of obesity and food-related chronic disease, climate change, poverty, violence, educational achievement gaps, and more.

This book will provide solutions for critizens, businesses and policy makers to create a healthier world, society and planet.

Pairing the latest developments in nutritional environmental science with an unflinching look at the dark realities of the global food system and the policies that make it possible, Food Fix is a hard-hitting manifesto that will change the way you think about - and eat - food forever.