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Smuggling Light (engelstalig)

€ 14,00

Esther Chang (with Eugene Bach)

North Korea is dark.

It is literally dark - most of its regions are too poor to afford electricity and other basic needs. It is figuratively dark - its daily life is hidden from outsiders and its propaganda vast. And it is spiratually dark - its ruler, Kim Jong-un, is both worshipped and feared nationwide while the gospel is squelched without question. 

Into this darkness, Esther walked.

A talented and driven Korean-Chinese, Esther wanted nothing to do with Christianity until a visit to an underground church in China flooded her with the mercy and power of the Spirit - and she was given an unusual call: be a missionary to North korea refugees.

Esther wasn't thrilled. Rude, filthy, and abusive, the refugees seeking help in China were the worst of the worst. But when Esther slipped inside the country for the first time and witnessed for herself the unbelievable destitution North Korea face every day, her heart was  forever changed. She gave her all to her mission. 

Imprisoned and tortured by both North Korea and China, sometimes penniless and always in danger, Esther has still faithfully spread both humanitarian aid and the gospel to North Koreans for the past fifteen years. Smuggling Light is her true tale of bravery, humility, and complete reliance on the mighty hand of God in one of the darkest nations of the world.