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Is the New Testament HISTORY? (engelstalig)

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Paul Barnett

The New Testament states that at a certain time and place, God became human and lived among us for about 30 years. Even more it claims that his death, resurrection and return have eternal significance for every person.

But how can we know that these events really happened in time and space, that is, in history ?

Dr Paul Barnett is an expert in both ancient history and the New Testament. With clarity and insight, he answers such questions as:

  • Were the New Testament writers eyewitnesses?
  • What do non-Christian writers tell us about Jesus?
  • Have the original writings, travelled unaltered, across twenty centuries?
  • Is there enough evidence for an informed decision?

Paul Barnett holds an MA from Sydney University and a PhD from the University of London on the interaction between the New Testament and the Jewish history of the first century. He is also a Moore College graduate and was the Anglican Bishop of North Sydney from 1990 to 2001.