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The truth about Jesus (engelstalig)

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Paul Barnett

Everybody has a stake in the truth about who Jesus was and what really happened to him.

The fundamental claims of Christianity, that Jesus' death was for God's forgiveness of our sins; his resurrection for the destruction of death's power over us, matter profoundly to all people. These claims raise questions in the minds of Christians and those who are not Christians.

  • Is there evidence for Jesus' death?
  • Is there evidence for Jesus' resurrection?

Dr Barnett carefully analyses the historical integrity of non-Christian historians of the ancient world and New Testament writers to establish the facts of the case. He invites readers to consider the evidence and come to a conclusion concerning the truth about Jesus.

Paul Barnett holds an MA from Sydney University and a PhD from the University of London on the interaction between the New Testament and the Jewish history of the first century. He is also a Moore College graduate and was the Anglican Bishop of North Sydney from 1990 to 2001.