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Does Evolution explain everything about life? (engelstalig)

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Philip Bell (contributing Editor) respons from 10 Ph.D. Scientists

Response to the New Scientist book, "How Evolution Explains Everything about life"

Expert scientists with biblical creationist convictions tackle the assertions of evolutionary experts in this intriguing and thought-provoking book. Is big-picture, molecules-to-man evolution as well attested scientifically as the sphericity of the Earth? Are the fossils 3.4 billions years old, with life just a matter of basic chemistry? What about 'RNA world', parasitic DNA, and Darwin's Tree of Life? Or the modern and creative powers?

These and other lofty evolutionary claims are carefully assessed against compelling scientific facts, enabling readers to draw their own conclusions about the power of evolution to explain all of life. Is the bravado of evolutionary popularisers justified, or just a cover-up for science-denial and an exercise in scientism?