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I'd Like to believe but...(engelstalig)

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Michael Green & Nick Spencer


'Religious people are too intolerant'

'You can't trust what is in the Bible'

'Science has disproved Christianity'

'There's too much suffering in the world'

'Something 2000 years ago can't be relevant to me today'


Michael Green has responded to each of these statements in a direct and informal way, giving his Christian perspective on the opinions expressed. His easy style engages readers and shows how the Bible and Christian beliefs can provide a real faith for life. This book may even help you believe in spite of your buts...

Canon Dr Michael Green is Chaplain and Lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He is author of Don't All Religions to God? And Lies, Lies, Lies!

For several decades he has been involved in evangelism, apologetics, writing, broadcasting, and travel in the cause of the gospel to all five continents.


Note: Michael Green passed away in 2019 (1930-2019).


Nick Spencer is Director of Studies for Theos, the public theology think-tank based in London, UK.