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Get a grip on mission (engelstalig)

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Martin Goldsmith

The challenge of a changing world

Globalization, pluralism, urbanization and increased mobility are just some of the challenges of twenty-first-century cross-cultural mission, and Martin Goldsmith helpfully equips us to respond wisely to them. With humour, confidence and enthusiasm, he enables us to see potential barriers to mission as opportunities waiting to be grasped. 

The unchanging nature of Jesus' Great commission contrasts strongly not only with our changing world but with our dynamic God. While his commands are set in stone, his methods are not.

This book will give you fresh ideas about mission. It will help you pray, plan and advise those who want to get involved. 


Martin Goldsmith is a Jewish Christian who trained as a Russian interpreter. He and his wife Elizabeth spent ten years as missionaries in South East Asia, and were involved from the start with All Nations Christian College, Ware, UK where they were both lecturers for over twenty years. Today they travel the world speaking at conferences and lecturing.