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Sharing your faith with a friend (engelstalig)

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Michael Green

Simple steps to introducing Jesus

You've been praying for your father for months, years. But when the conversation turns to God you freeze up. Where do you start? How do you explain that the most important part of your life can be his?

The evening is going well. The conversation turns naturally to religion. Your enthusiasm runs away with you and your friends listen politely, bemused, glazing over. Later, doing the washing up, you kick yourself, wishing you'd handled it better, praying you'll have another chance. 

Some freeze up, others say to much - many people struggle with how to share their faith. And yet the overwhelming majority of people come to Christ not through church, the Bible, neighbourhood visiting programmes or open-air preaching, but through the friendship of a warm, I'm embarrassed, committed Christian. 

Michael Green draws from a wealth of personal experience to help Christians approach and talk naturally with their friends about the Good News. This indispensable book gives excellent practical advice from that first faltering conversation to following it up. It outlines the basics of the Gospel, suggest different approaches to take, how to handle common responses, and mistakes to avoid. Above all it shows how introducing a friend to Christ is the most worthwhile and fulfilling ministry any Christian can have.