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The Bible (DVD)

€ 35,00

A journey in The British Museum & The British Library

With Sasan Tavassoli & Jay Smith


The Bible is the most important and the most popular book in human history. It is crucial not only to Christianity, but also to Judaism and Islam. Is it reliable? Can we trust it? Should we trust it? Come with an open mind and join us on a journey through history and decide for yourself...


Disk 1

1-Genesis & the Role of History

2-Genesis, Ur, Sodom & Gomorrah

3-The Hittites, Davidic & Assyrian Periods

4-Kings and Isaiah


Disk 2

The Babylonian & Persian Periods

6-The NT Manuscripts Examined

7-The British Library & The Bible

8-Manuscript Evidence of the Qur'an


Disk 3

9-The Qu'ran - Internal Evidence

10-Books in the Canon

11-Jesus & Paul


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