The Reason for Tears (engelstalig)

€ 20,00

Tony Weedor (with Andy Straka)


Liberia, Islam, and a Pastor's search for reconciliation in an age of terror.


Though she'd loved, taught, and protected him when he was younger, Toy Weedor's Muslim mother Manifah disowned him after he adandoned his Imam training to follow Jesus.

Tony finished college and went to work for a missionary agency. After barely escaping civil war in his native Liberia, he spent three years in a refugee camp with his wife and daughter before being brought to America, where he graduated from seminary and began a career in international ministry.

Now, after an absence of thirteen years, Pastor Tony Weedor returns in the wake of 9/11 to a Liberia devastated by war hoping to reconcile with the woman he still calls "Mama".