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Living Stories of Famous Hymns (engelstalig)

€ 25,00

Ernest K. Emurian


Those looking for background material with which to preface the singing of a hymn at a worship service, a hymnsing, or a youth meeting, will find this book to be of immense help. Here are the stories behind fifty well-known hymns. 

Interestingly written, factually authentic, each story throws light on the author and the circumstances, the tragic as well as the happy experiences, which led to the composition of the hymn. These dramatic and touching stories will make interesting reading.


Ernest K. Emurian, widely known for his interesting hymn stories, is now (1955) a retired Methodist minister. In the past, he frequently taught and spoke about church music, practical hymnology, and related music, practical hymnology, and related arts. He is the author-composer of hymns, anthems, and novelty songs.