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A Life beyond Amazing (engelstalig)

€ 23,95

Dr. David Jeremiah

9 decisions that will transform your life today


Each of us has just one life to live. Our lives should matter and have purpose. They should be amazing. But as we look around, we see dishearted people living in defeat and disarray. 

Bestselling author and pastor Dr. David Jeremiah urges us to move past the discouraging headlines, the adversity in our personal lives, the limits of ouer day, and to reach out and grasp a life beyond our dreams. Through scripture he helps us discover how to thrive during the journey and experience a life of blessings beyond our comprehension. 


Dr. Jeremiah focuses on nine qualities that create a life beyond amazing, he explores what it means to become the people God wants us to be and explains how the Holy Spirit helps us develop these qualities in our lives. 


"A life beyond amazing doesn't have to start when we step into heaven," says Dr. Jeremiah. "A life beyond amazing can be lived right here on earth."

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