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Bible Prophecy (engelstalig)

€ 18,00

Mark Hitchcock


The Complete Book of Bible Prophecy


If prophecy has always been a mystery to you, you've got company. Welcome to a wonderful, readable book that will solve the mystery and help you live for the world to come.


At Last! Bible prophecy can make sense - and make a difference. The crisp pace and plain English of this fascinating book puts the prophecy puzzle together. And you will discover that Bible prophecy is not just for the curious - it could change your life.


  • Get a handle on the basic stats of Bible prophecy:
  • -10 key events                                                                 
  • -10 key places                                                                   
  • -10 key players
  • Discover 10 reasons why Bible prophecy is important to you.
  • Study 3 prominent views of the end of times
  • Find answers to 50 common questions about Bible prophecy