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Release the power of Prayer (engelstalig)

€ 7,50

George Müller


As a boy, George Müller was a thief and a liar, but after turning to Christ, he provided for over 10.000 orphans - without ever asking anyone but God to supply their needs. He testified that he knew of at least 50.000 specific answers to his prayers. From his amazing personal account, you will find out how to...


  • Turn your faith loose
  • Receive God's promises
  • Exchange unhappiness for joy
  • Watch God turn impossibilities into reality
  • Defeat Satan's tool of discouragement
  • Connect with God's amazing power
  • Participate in miraculous events


Through the extraordinary example of George Müller's life, you will discover how to trust God and seek His answers to your very problem. You can experience the same miraculous hand of God at work in your life today.