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Wrestling with My Thoughts (engelstalig)

€ 15,00

Sharon Hastings


A Doctor with severe mental illness discovers strength


Sharon Hastings is a medical doctor who has experienced severe and enduring mental illness. She is passionate about helping others, spiritually, medically and personally. Her tortuous journey, compellingly told, is a discovery of strength and hope.


'Extraordinary ... a story of incredible humbling, and one about accepting the life God has for us.'

Ruth van den Broek


'Witness living faith and see why God esteems those weakened through mental ill health.'

Andrew Collins


'I was inspired, challenged and profoundly moved. Raw and powerful, this book demands to be read.'

Emma Scrivener


'Wise advise for churches seeking to respond well... Sharon's intense wrestling has not been in vain.'

Ken Yeow


'Heartbreaking but very powerful'

Mark Meynell