The Message (engelstalig)

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Eugene H. Peterson


Paperback Edition with Bible Reading Plan


The Message is a contemporary rendering of the Bible from the original languages, crafted to present its tone, rhythm, events, and ideas in everyday language.


Eugene H. Peterson is a pastor, scholar, writer, and poet. After teaching at a seminary and then giving nearly thirty years to church ministry in the Baltimore area, he created The Message - a vibrant Bible paraphrase that connects with today's readers like no other. 

It took Peterson a full ten years to complete. He worked from the original Greek and Hebrew texts to quarantee authencity. At the same time, his ear was always tuned to the cadence and energy of contemparary English.


Peterson's work has been thoroughly reviewed by a team of recognized Old and New Testament scholars, who ensured that it is accurate as well as faithfull to the original languages. 

These are named in the book.