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Christ or Hitler ?

€ 15,00

Stories from the life of Wilhelm Busch (1897-1966)

Compiled and translated by Christian Puritz


The life of Wilhelm Busch progressed from a Christian home, through conversion amidst the horrors of the first World War, to student life against the background of the crushing inflation of the Weimar Republic period. Then followed the Nazi period, times of suffering lived out against the background of falling bombs. This is Wilhelm Busch's story in his own words, but more than that it is a dramatic record of the power and faithful love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


'This is an enthralling book of the experiences of the German pastor Wilhelm Busch through two world wars and times of both freedom and arrest by the Gestapo. These autobiographical anecdotes are equally heartwarming and challenging, and come infused with a love for Christ and a desire to proclaim a life-changing gospel. It will encourage believers to make a stand for truth when under pressure, and can also be given to those yet to discover the Saviour. Christian Puritz is to be congratulated for collecting this valuable material and translating it so smoothly and sympathetically for a wider readership'.

NIGEL Faithfull, scientist and author


'Dietrich Bonhoeffer, reflective Christians know, but few are aware of faithful pastors as Wilhelm Busch, who refused to bow to Hitler's demand for compromising silence. Christ or Hitler? is a deeply moving exemplary account of an ordinary pastor of ordinary Germans, striving to be faithful to their Lord Christ Jesus during Germany's darkest days.

'In these days of political upheaval and totalitarian efforts to silence Bible-believing Christians, these episodic accounts are not only enlightning, but are also vital reminders of how each of us can bring hope to our disillusioned generation'.

Rev. Dr Greg Livingstone, Buckinghamshire, England


Christian Puritz was born in Berlin in 1941, but moved to London in 1948. He was converted during his studies at Oxford and went on to gain a PhD at Glasgow. He married Cynthia in 1986 and lives in High Wycombe, where he taught maths at the Royal Grammar School and is now involved in working with the Asain community.