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The Works of His hands (engelstalig)

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SY Garte, PhD


Raised in a militant atheist family, Sy Garte fell in love with the factual world of science. He became a respected research biochemist and had no intention of seeking a God he didn't believe in. That is, until the very science he loved led him to question the validity of atheism.

His journey to find answers drew him into a fully committed faith, determined to show others the truth: modern science doesn't contradict God at all, but instead supports Christianity.

Lessons from physics, biology, and human nature that argue for belief in God are all presented for anyone to easily understand. Sy also tackles contentions against God often presented in academic and scientific settings and explains the false foundations on which they rest.

If you've been told the realities of science call for a rejection of God, but you can't quite get rid of the feeling that this shouldn't be true, The Works of His Hands shares the beauty of the marriage between science and faith - and how, together, they can bring even the most unlikely to salvation.



Dr. SY Garte is a biochemist and former professor and division director at the National Institutes of Health. He has authored over two hundred sceintific publications and four previous books. SY is also the editor in chief of God & Nature magazine and vice president of the Washington, DC, chapter of the American Scientific Affiliation. He is a lay leader in the United Methodist Church.