The Bible has the Answer (engelstalig)

€ 25,00

Henry M. Morris


Many people dismiss the Bible as a real scource of wisdom for every area of life, believing the popular delusion that the Bible is full of mistakes and is no longer relevant to our modern world. However, neglecting and rejecting God's Word has its consequences. There are many questions todat that demand answers in our daily lives; we can't avoid them. The Bible is vital in solving (and preventing) the very real problems people face today.


A group of 26 topics includes answers to 155 of the most asked questions about the Bible, such as:


  • What was God doing before the beginning?
  • Will we know our loved ones in heaven?
  • When does a baby receive its soul?
  • Can a saved person ever lose their salvation?
  • Under what conditions may Christians divorce & remarry?
  • Will the world be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust?
  • Why did God create Satan?


The late Dr. Henry Morris, an acclaimed Christian apologetic scholar, scientist, and author, partnered with Christian counselor Dr. Martin Clark to help you apply the wisdom of the Bible to your personal challenges and nagging questions. These well-researched and referenced answers will fortify your faith in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and irrefutable source of solutions for life.