How Noah's Flood Shaped Our Earth

€ 16,00

Michael J. Oard and John K. Reed


Flood Geology is controversial !


Both Mike Oard and John Reed have been researching Flood-related science issues for many years. The Noachian Flood of Genesis 6-9 is a pivotal event in the history of our planet and the second greatest judgment to befall creation after the Fall in Genesis 3. Unfortunately, too many christians confine the Flood to being a localized event with no real shaping force or power. Academics often defer to an interpretation of the thousand of metres of folded, bent, and twisted rock strata all over the earth (that also contain billions of fossils) as evidence of deep time and evolutionary gradualisme. Rather, when properly understood within the Bible's framework of history, rock layers and fossils are stunning evidence for Noah's yearlong Flood - and they are everywhere! As Mike Oard often says, "The Flood is the great time cruncher". 


There are also several creationist Flood models based upon differing interpretations of the same strata. This is because of the extra-ordinarily difficult task of envisaging the power and devastation of a global Flood - it only happened once.

In this volume, Oard and Reed have done a fine job in presenting an easily-understood interpretation of the data today. The Scriptures and your faith will come alive as you see the evidence for Noah's Flood throughout the earth. Understanding Noah's Flood as real history is crucial for all Christians today.