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Why ? (engelstalig)

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Sharon Dirckx


Looking at God, evil & personal suffering


Why do bad things happen? If God exists doesn't he do something? Why am I being singled out?


Of all the hurdles to faith, surely suffering must be the greatest. It tears lives apart and raises questions for us all.


But when we ask 'Why?', to whom are we addressing our question? Where do the most satisfying answers come from? Does it matter?


Sharon Dirckx deftly interweaves the stories of Frances, Will, Grace, Charles and Rachel, who have faced some life's toughest personal challenges, with a practical consideration of the 'Why?' questions we all ask about God and suffering.


She concludes, 'I would like to show you that, even though we don't understand everything, it is still possible to believe in a powerful, loving God and acknowledge the reality of evil and suffering. Not only that, but seeing life from this perspective helps us make more, not less, sense of our hurting world.'


Written with the heart of a mother as well as the mind of a scientist, Why? is not only profound, but tender and comforting as well.'

Os Guinness


'Wisdom, logic and grace.'

David Jackman


'I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone asking the deep questions of life.'

Amy Orr-Ewing


'Puts words and reason to what I instinctively knew in my heart the day I became an amputee.'

Stef Reid


Sharon Dirckx is a tutor and lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and also speaks in a variety of contexts. She has a PhD in brain imaging and has a held research positions in the UK and USA. Sharon is married to Conrad and they have two children.