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Unmasking Fables DVD (engelstalig)

€ 17,00

Today’s media portray evolutionary explanations for the universe and life as fact, with stunning footage and skillful spokespersons.


This set of four lectures on two DVDs explores the faulty yet powerful ideas that determine secular culture’s contemporary views of origins and the Bible. “When Fables Fall” discusses how Scripture stands strong against the attempts to be undermined by rationalism, criticism, and evolution.


“Darwin, Deism and the Origin of Species” exposes the myth that Darwin was an open-minded observer of scientific facts. “Evolutionary Fables about Similarities” explains how homologies, homplasies and living fossils speak of one Creator, not a common ancestor. “Exposing the Roots of Evolution” reveals that evolutionary thinking did not begin with Darwin, but with pagan philosophers thousands of years ago.


The issue of origins is one of the most controversial of our time. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most misunderstood. These recorded lectures, with relevant diagrams to illustrate important points, aim to arm you with the true view of history and science, as founded on God’s Word.  216 minutes on two DVDs.


Disc 1

When Fables Fall

Darwin, Deism & the Origin of Species


Disc 2

Evolutionary Fables about Similarities

Exposing the Roots of Evolution