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Charting through the Old Testament (engelstalig)

€ 45,00

John Grant


As a result of years of hard work and diligent Bible study, John produced a set of charts that provide a panoramic view of the books of the Bible, and also depict various Biblical themes such as 'Chronology from Adam to Noah', 'Christ in the Offerings', and 'The Kings of the Old Testament' - this first volume covers the Old Testament. Before the Lord called him home in January 2020, John expressed his wish that these charts, and the supporting text, be published, and the staffat at John Richie have spent many hours in the collation, typesetting and design of the original material in order to publish this beautifully illustrated legacy to his work.


This hardback edition with fully illustrated gloss colour artwork is an attractive tabletop production and a fantastic resource for new believers and Bible Scholars alike. The careful analyses and helpful comments recorded remain relevant today and will continue to stand the test of time. Charting through the Old Testament will stimulate interest, illuminate passages, inspire sermons, and no doubt become a well-thumbed volume on many bookshelves.


John Grant, born in Glasgow in 1942, trusted the Lord as his Saviour when he was eight years old. In 1991 he was commended by his local assembly to full-time service for the Lord. He was also editor of the Believer's Magazine for seventeen years and authored various helpful books.